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WALN ‘All In’ for 2017 WA Conference

WALN ‘All In’ for 2017 WA Conference

In just over a week WALN committee members and staff will be representing our community landcare members and sharing messages to as many delegates as possible at the 2017 State NRM and Coastal Conference (Curtin University, 29th-31st Sept). We have been working very closely with the planning committees and event organisers to ensure community landcarers can be well represented and have multiple opportunities to attend and tell their stories.

While reaching out to members to promote attendance, we realised how busy you were and that many cannot make it. So we’ve worked even harder to ensure that your messages have the best chance of being heard at this year’s conference. WALN has signed up as a conference sponsor which has entitled us to extra space in the exhibition area so please:

Share with us your stories and messages with us ASAP!

We will have a booth dedicated to members information, so send us your brochures, photos, dvd’s and posters. We estimate over 300 landcarers, government officers, planners, decision makers and even the odd minister to drop by and have a look. We want to show them that community groups are the valuable and effective arms and legs of landcare and that WALN is their collective voice.

Send hard copies (ensure they will arrive by Friday the 25th August) to:

Helen Watkins (WALN Secretary/ Treasurer), 3 Bowmar Place, Dandaragan WA 6507

Digital copies for printing can be emailed (no later than Wednesday 23rd August) to blair.darvill@landcarewa.org.au


But wait, that’s not all:

  • Our Chair Keith Bradby is a keynote speaker see his bio here
  • Louise Duxbury, our Executive Officer will be presenting on WALN’s State of Landcare in WA Report
  • WALN will be hosting a ‘Making Networks Work’ workshop in conjunction with Conservation Council WA
  • WALN’s entire committee and staff will be attending (while wearing their community group hats as well) and representing the various sectors of community landcare in WA.
  • Our sponsorship also entitles us to various promotional opportunities to help get the word out about community landcare in WA and what we’re all up too!
  • In between all of this we’ll be working hard to sign up more members, increase and strengthen our network and enhance the links between local grass roots groups and state and federal decision makers.

‘Landcare B&B’ 

If you are attending the conference but still need a place to stay OR if you live close by and are happy to billet a regional colleague then please get in touch and we can connect the dots!

Last minute change of plans?

It’s not too late to register for the conference and apply for a community subsidy to attend. Visit the conference website here.


Federal Government Landcare Funding- Have your say

Federal Government Landcare Funding- Have your say

Time for Landcare groups to be heard by the Federal Government

You may well may well have already contacted your Federal Ministers about:

  1. the $100 Million commitment (this resulted from the National Greens negotiation over the backpackers tax and was announced in the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) last year) and
  2. the proposed delivery of the $1 Billion over the next four years of NLP funding announced in the last budget.

If you have – good on you.  If you haven’t, it is time we made our position clear.  There are dot points below to help frame a call to action to your Federal Members and Senators.

Please contact your local Federal Members and Senators (click here for contacts) urging them to:

  1. Release the $100 Million funds already committed to landcare.
  2. Consult openly with the landcare movement about how the NLP will be delivered 2018 onward (when current money runs out!).
  3. Share how they are going to deliver landcare/NRM $$ at the most local level possible creating local jobs, building local capacity and dealing with local and regional priorities.
  4. Announce the NRM program with enough time to make sure there is no gap in funding.
  5. Provide funding over at least 3 years to give continuity of jobs and to fund strategic rather than short term outcomes.
  6. Visit your group to see the great work you are doing.


  • The $100million MYEFO funding for landcare has not yet been released.   If this is not released soon we can expect a destructive and disruptive gap in funding to all our landcare groups.  This money was to be additional to current funds.
  • The $100 million of funding for Landcare secured by the Australian Greens over the Governments Back packer tax reforms was announced October 2016 citing the importance of continuing to support Landcare.  The funding was due to start flowing immediately and certainly within the 2016/17 financial year.  Not a cent has been released to date. We are now into August of 2017.  It is essential that funding be allocated now.
  • With the Federal government only having a one seat majority, and doubts on citizenship raised today and previously, there is the prospect of an early election, which would further delay the timely release of these funds, unless they are released now.
  • Most landcarers have had the experience of a gap in funding, loss of momentum and staff, and consequent reduction in commitment and motivation.  We don’t need more experience.
  • The announcement of the $1 Billion dollars over five years for the National Landcare Program was announced in May 2017 budget – a 20% reduction on previous funding.
  • The government committed to engage in meaningful opportunities for the NLN and LA and other stakeholders to consult with them over the allocation and expenditure of these funds including project design.
  • While we have continually been given assurances from Minister Frydenberg, Minister Hartsuyker, from advisors for both these ministers and also Minister Joyce’s office, as well as from both departments (Ag. and Env.) that meaningful consultation will occur, none has. There is cause for concern that decisions are being made regardless. Delays are ostensibly caused by matters between the two Minister’s Offices.
  • Even if no final decisions have in fact been made, we understand that proposals are being discussed with some stakeholders and not others.  It is not acceptable for the Landcare movement to be excluded from discussions of proposals before they become decisions!
  • We seek urgent disclosure from both departments of all current proposals relating to NLP regional stream and national stream funding (if these streams still exist, or of whatever may have replaced them).
  • The government can readily consult with 160 000 active landcarers through the National Landcare Network.
  • It is unacceptable that this consultation is not occurring. We call on both Ministers to instruct the departments to immediately commence meaningful consultations across the Landcare networks on the National Landcare Program projects and proposed funding allocations.

CC us into your email if you can so we can share your words on the WA Landcare Network facebook page.

2017 WALN Committee and AGM

2017 WALN Committee and AGM

Our AGM in April was a roaring success. The crew from SERCUL, Armadale Gosnells Landcare, Bungendore Park, Armadale Wildflower Society and Settlers Common Education Centre laid on a great day with an excellent venue, displays, great food, guided walks and field trips.

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National Landcare Network Update

National Landcare Network Update

It’s been a particularly busy few months for our colleagues at the National Landcare Network.  There has been a strong dialogue with the Commonwealth Government on the need for more on-ground funding. Discussions are ongoing as to when the extra $100 million for the National Landcare Program allocated in December will become available, and of course the Budget outcome was better than feared.  The key issue remains the Commonwealth’s allocation of these funds, and NLN and Landcare Australia Ltd is working closely with the relevant Departments to influence the final decisions.

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Volunteer Week 2017

Volunteer Week 2017

Dear volunteer: It all starts by understanding that something needs to be done. Something could be a bit better and you want to do something about it. Whether it’s a bare patch of land, a heap of weeds, an eroded bank or dune. In thousands of different ways over thousands of different places, thousands of people end up caring for this country each and every year. Read More

Funding Secured for Landcare

Landcare can breathe a sigh of relief with the recent federal budget announcement – secured funding of $1.1 billion over the next 5 years is very welcomed! There is however a net reduction in funding from previous years ($1 billion over 4 years and inclusion of new projects) but perhaps not as much as we feared.

The details of how the funding will be allocated are still to be finalised and we’ll keep you posted.