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Youth Landcare Grants Closing Soon

Youth Landcare Grants Closing Soon

Intrepid Landcare has partnered with WA Landcare Network (WALN) to run a summer campaign, Rise
Up, Roots Down, to connect and support young people who are passionate about the environment.
Rise Up, Roots Down seeks to back young people from Western Australia to connect with their local
Landcare group to restore land & bring culture to the fore.
“Young People are the next generation to take on Landcare and have in many ways been left out of the
loop on what’s happening and how to get involved. The ‘old ways’ of Landcare might not suit young folk
so much, that’s why we’re really stoked to have teamed up with Intrepid Landcare, this way we can help
connect the past with the present and give opportunities for young crew to get involved and active in the
way that they want to” WALN Project Officer Blair Darvill.
Young people and Landcare groups have the opportunity to submit an Intrepid Landcare-inspired idea,
with the chance of receiving $1000 to cover the cost of the event to be hosted by February 2018.
Additional support will be offered, including mentoring about branding, storytelling for change, and
co-designing projects which make a difference, to ensure your ideas are a success.
“Intrepid Landcare was co-founded to connect young people to Landcare and visa-versa, and the last few
years we have seen a new generation of incredible young leaders transform their communities, land and
themselves by taking action.
Western Australia is yet to see the full throttle of Intrepid Landcare which is transforming the lives of
young people across the eastern states. We are excited to be partnering with WA Landcare Network to
kick-start another wave of youthful enthusiasm for Landcare on the west coast”, said Naomi Edwards,
co-founder of Intrepid Landcare.
Three awesome ideas will be backed. Submissions close 20th December, with announcements in early
To submit an Intrepid Landcare-inspired idea visit intrepidlandcare.org/events/rise-up-roots-down.

A Stronger National Voice for Landcare

A Stronger National Voice for Landcare

It’s with great pleasure that WALN can share with you that the formation of a new National Landcare organisation, merging the strengths of Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network, is becoming a reality and recent talks between both boards have been very productive.

Please see the communique for more information.

Some of you may not be aware of this ‘merger’ between the two current peak bodies, however landcare representatives from across Australia, including WALN’s Keith Bradby, Helen Watkins and Louise Duxbury have been working very hard behind the scenes to help make this happen. As the communique states, ‘Once formed, a new organisation will give the Landcare movement a single national organisation working on its behalf, which will combine and build on the representative capacity and voice of the NLN and the marketing, education, fundraising and program delivery skills of Landcare Australia.

Photo Above: National Landcare Network Board Members elected at the recent NLN AGM, (L-R) Keith Bradby, Geoff Elliot, Terry Hubbard, Sue McKinnon, Peter Bridgewater (Chairperson), Rod Dulhunty, Anthea Ferguson, Jim Adams (CEO), Gerry Butler.

For more information or feedback please contact Keith Bradby
(WALN Chair, NLN Board Member)
keith.bradby@landcarewa.org.au or 0427085008

Smart Farms Partnerships Grants Open

Smart Farms Partnerships Grants Open

Applications open for share of $60m Smart Farming grants

The Na​tional Landcare Program’s new Smart Farming Partnerships is offering multi-year grants of between $250,000 and $4 million to put in place new and innovative sustainable land management practices, which protect and improve the condition of soils, vegetation and biodiversity.

The Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources http://www.agriculture.gov.au/ag-farm-food/natural-resources/landcare/national-landcare-program/australian-government-investment-in-landcare)


Application forms and guidelines can be downloaded from the websites

Community Grants Hub https://www.communitygrants.gov.au/grants/smart-farming-partnerships

Grant Connect https://www.grants.gov.au/?event=public.GO.show&GOUUID=8C474BF9-EE24-E2FD-35A40CF6417DE06A


We have been advised the Small Grants component of Smart Farms will be open very soon ranging between $5,000 and $100,000 under two tiers: Tier 1 for grants between $5,000 and $50,000; and tier 2 for grants between $50,001 and $100,000.

State Budget 2017 – Queries, concerns and a bit of a win!

The WA State Budget was released on September 7. It was immediately apparent that there was a major gap in funding available to metropolitan coast and landcare groups in this budget. This is largely due to the key components of Landcare and NRM funding coming from the Royalties for Regions pool. The West Australian Landcare Network (WALN) committee and staff members have been working to address this issue and also make sense of the ‘protecting the environment’ items and allocations announced.

WALN has written to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister McTiernan, who leads the State NRM program, seeking urgent clarification on this matter, and a number of urban landcare groups have also been in touch with their local members of parliament on this issue.

We have also compiled a summary from the budget papers and public announcements made by the McGowan Government (see poster here). From this we have identified a range of questions that need answering, and some clarifications required. This has been sent to the state government and representatives from political opposition parties who are also seeking further clarification.

Last Wednesday we had a win in regard to the metropolitan funding gap, with a senior representative from Minister McTiernan’s office responding to let us know they have been made aware of the oversight. We were told $1.6m was currently available in the 17/18 year and were planning to address the shortfalls for 2019 -2021. We have requested a confirmation of this and further information as to how it will be allocated.

WALN would like to thank all the landcare groups and their members who contacted their local MP’s to raise this issue. It shows once again that a strong collective voice for community landcare enables groups to be heard with positive outcomes.

We urge members with further information or concerns about the State Budget to get in touch so we can include any additional concerns in our representations. We will update you as soon as we have further response from the State Government.