A Stronger National Voice for Landcare

A Stronger National Voice for Landcare

WALN is pleased to share the news of the formation of a new National Landcare organisation.            Merging the strengths of Landcare Australia and the National Landcare Network, the new organisation is becoming a reality and recent talks between both boards have been very productive.

Please see the communique for more information.

Some of you may not be aware of this ‘merger’ between the two current peak bodies, however landcare representatives from across Australia, including WALN’s Keith Bradby, Helen Watkins and Louise Duxbury have been working very hard behind the scenes to help make this happen. As the communique states, ‘Once formed, a new organisation will give the Landcare movement a single national organisation working on its behalf, which will combine and build on the representative capacity and voice of the NLN and the marketing, education, fundraising and program delivery skills of Landcare Australia.

Photo Above: National Landcare Network Board Members elected at the recent NLN AGM, (L-R) Keith Bradby, Geoff Elliot, Terry Hubbard, Sue McKinnon, Peter Bridgewater (Chairperson), Rod Dulhunty, Anthea Ferguson, Jim Adams (CEO), Gerry Butler.

For more information or feedback please contact Keith Bradby
(WALN Chair, NLN Board Member)
keith.bradby@landcarewa.org.au or 0427085008