WALN ‘All In’ for 2017 WA Conference

WALN ‘All In’ for 2017 WA Conference

In just over a week WALN committee members and staff will be representing our community landcare members and sharing messages to as many delegates as possible at the 2017 State NRM and Coastal Conference (Curtin University, 29th-31st Sept). We have been working very closely with the planning committees and event organisers to ensure community landcarers can be well represented and have multiple opportunities to attend and tell their stories.

While reaching out to members to promote attendance, we realised how busy you were and that many cannot make it. So we’ve worked even harder to ensure that your messages have the best chance of being heard at this year’s conference. WALN has signed up as a conference sponsor which has entitled us to extra space in the exhibition area so please:

Share with us your stories and messages with us ASAP!

We will have a booth dedicated to members information, so send us your brochures, photos, dvd’s and posters. We estimate over 300 landcarers, government officers, planners, decision makers and even the odd minister to drop by and have a look. We want to show them that community groups are the valuable and effective arms and legs of landcare and that WALN is their collective voice.

Send hard copies (ensure they will arrive by Friday the 25th August) to:

Helen Watkins (WALN Secretary/ Treasurer), 3 Bowmar Place, Dandaragan WA 6507

Digital copies for printing can be emailed (no later than Wednesday 23rd August) to blair.darvill@landcarewa.org.au


But wait, that’s not all:

  • Our Chair Keith Bradby is a keynote speaker see his bio here
  • Louise Duxbury, our Executive Officer will be presenting on WALN’s State of Landcare in WA Report
  • WALN will be hosting a ‘Making Networks Work’ workshop in conjunction with Conservation Council WA
  • WALN’s entire committee and staff will be attending (while wearing their community group hats as well) and representing the various sectors of community landcare in WA.
  • Our sponsorship also entitles us to various promotional opportunities to help get the word out about community landcare in WA and what we’re all up too!
  • In between all of this we’ll be working hard to sign up more members, increase and strengthen our network and enhance the links between local grass roots groups and state and federal decision makers.

‘Landcare B&B’ 

If you are attending the conference but still need a place to stay OR if you live close by and are happy to billet a regional colleague then please get in touch and we can connect the dots!

Last minute change of plans?

It’s not too late to register for the conference and apply for a community subsidy to attend. Visit the conference website here.